On completion, successful students will receive a beautifully presented BeautyBoo Training Academy certificate from us and with our online courses, you will receive either our BeautyBoo Training Academy certificate or our partnership Beauty Tribe certification.

All our courses are fully accredited and recognised worldwide and our certification holds value allowing you to obtain full insurance to work within the industry.


BeautyBoo Training Academy is accredited with the Beauty Industry Approval, recognised worldwide and fully insurable.

BeautyBoo Training Academy is accredited with The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine,  recognised worldwide allowing you to obtain full insurance once qualified with IPHM insurance and other insurance companies. 


BeautyBoo Training Academy is also in partnership with INSYNC insurance, where you will be able to gain insurance once you are qualified and as a student.

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We are proud to be in partnership with Beauty Tribe who is accredited with ABT Insurance and IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and are partnered with these insurance companies, allowing you to obtain full insurance once qualified with Radius Insurance: and INSYNC insurance.

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We are proud to announce, we have an educators package which is through our partnership with CTC and their courses are fully accredited and insurable, you will receive your certification of education through them and once received we will then help you in obtaining a teaching job or opening your own school/academy.


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