Beautiful Success VIP Education

£10.00 / month


Just starting out? still, learning and want to be prepared? Run your own business but have run into a brick wall? Working every hour but your wages are pennies? or simply want to increase your knowledge about business?

Join our VIP educational group!

We love helping and would love to help you make your business into a beautiful success!

This group has been designed to help like-minded people within the hair and beauty industry looking to become successful through on-going mentoring and support.

By subscribing, you will have access to the following;

1:1 mentoring

2x weekly educational videos

Support of similar minded people within our Facebook group

Business education which includes the following;

  • Beautiful success with correct pricing – learn how to price your treatment and services correctly so you can live and not just survive
  • Stay safe work from home – starting a business – the essentials to starting a business whether at home, mobile or even in a shop.
  • Advertising rightly – social media and other forms of advertising covered.
  • Piece of mind with confidence – become confidant in your skin and attract the right clients…learn to say no to save your mental health.
  • Upgrade your skills, not your personaity – learn your worth and make a plan.
  • Retailed right – learn the secrets of retailing and how to make it work for you.

and much, much more!